How it works?

How does works our system? Just a few clicks will get all information sent or expected shipment.

The tracking field, enter the tracking number given to you by courier (eg .: 9002791873). The system for tracking the format selected by several carriers. You only need to click on your shipment has admitted carrier icons and in a few seconds you'll get the full information for your shipment way:

  • where / to where consignments sent by
  • what courier company transports your shipment;
  • when and where the consignment was taken;
  • through which countries are traveling in your shipment;
  • see Customs clearance procedures in the way if your shipment is traveling outside the EU;
  • when and where the consignment was handed
  • contact the person who took the consignment; the service is free, fast, easy and convenient, does not require any registrations. The system works anywhere in the world, 7/24, 365 days a year.

Registered users will be able to:
  • to track their shipments;
  • You'll see all the history of tracked shipments;
  • to be informed by e. mail not delivered on consignment.
Enter parcel number
And you already know where it is